Yours truly

My name is Jewel. I am a food loving, optimistic, soul-searching, New Englander. I love to explore the world, experience new culture, and spend time outside (as long as it’s above 70 degrees). I love my two little boys like crazy! They are not human, but they are the best cats anyone could ask for! I love music, reading, and anything old with a cool story. I take pictures of bones and play with hair for a living. I also write. I think it’s great for your soul and mental health.

I love change and embrace it with open arms, but I manage to keep the fundamentals of life constant. Family, Faith and Freedom. My family are my best friends, my faith in humanity keeps me optimistic and I believe we have nothing without freedom. It’s how we set goals, achieve them, and then set more. It’s what allows me to get out of bed everyday knowing that I can always make today, better than yesterday.