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Never Forget

**In honor of September 11th and my favorite author to walk the planet. Here is a poem written by my late grandmother, Marjorie Roy.***   AND NOW IN PROTEST “We the people” watched in horror just the other day as terror wracked our skies in the deadliest of ways. Evil seized control of our passenger planes – All victims died …

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Beans beans the magical fruit….

For as long as we can remember, there have always been new fads when it comes to diet. Some stick around for generations in different variations and some are so extreme that they are short lived. Ever heard of drinking vinegar and water? Some people still swear everything by apple cider vinegar. Well, that first came around in the 1800’s. …

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Allow myself to introduce…myself. (Yes, I am using an Austin Powers reference)

My whole life I’ve been told I talk too much. I grew up with the nickname, “Mouth”.  Even my report cards said, “She is a great student, but she has a lot to say.” So, lucky for you, this is the outlet of a brain that has too much of too much swirling around freely. I figured it is time …

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