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Never Forget

**In honor of September 11th and my favorite author to walk the planet. Here is a poem written by my late grandmother, Marjorie Roy.***   AND NOW IN PROTEST “We the people” watched in horror just the other day as terror wracked our skies in the deadliest of ways. Evil seized control of our passenger planes – All victims died …

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Jamie -A Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day is celebrated in observance to those who served for our country. Please don’t be excited over this holiday because it gives you a long weekend. Be thankful and appreciative for those who sacrificed their lives in order to giver you a better one. This poem was written by my beloved grandmother. She was an amazing writer and a …

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Dear NFL, (In honor of Memorial Day)

Well, this is actually directed to select players. Ya know, the ones who don’t want to stand during the National Anthem. The ones who now will be absent from the field and waiting in the locker room. I would just like to know, are you an American citizen? Do you respect what the “red, white, and blue” represents? I would …

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Where do you cut corners to treat yourself?

My co-workers and I were admiring my friends new tattoo. Personally, I’m a fan of tattoos. I have many of them and will more than likely get more in the future. She got these beautiful, colorful flowers surrounding a previous tattoo she had of a Robin on a tree branch. The details in the color were stunning. When I asked …

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The Globe

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

I don’t have any children of my own, however, I have two sisters who have produced some pretty amazing offspring. For April vacation, my older sister decided she wanted to take her children away somewhere. When we were kids, our parents both worked a lot; sometimes multiple jobs. This made it difficult to vacation. We would go on our summer …

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Daily Prompt

Those who don’t do-teach. Really?

via Daily Prompt: Partake Opportunities in life can change your path only if you’re willing will you partake or sit it out choose life to be fulfilling? So many things we hide behind, like book covers, and screens Living vicariously watching others live their dreams When you see that large wave a tall wall of water, will you stand up …

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Beans beans the magical fruit….

For as long as we can remember, there have always been new fads when it comes to diet. Some stick around for generations in different variations and some are so extreme that they are short lived. Ever heard of drinking vinegar and water? Some people still swear everything by apple cider vinegar. Well, that first came around in the 1800’s. …

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Allow myself to introduce…myself. (Yes, I am using an Austin Powers reference)

My whole life I’ve been told I talk too much. I grew up with the nickname, “Mouth”.  Even my report cards said, “She is a great student, but she has a lot to say.” So, lucky for you, this is the outlet of a brain that has too much of too much swirling around freely. I figured it is time …

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